We are the Glass Company®

Our products are made of the most reliable material: glass; an icon that represents quality, trust, and transparency.

Each piece manufactured by Vitro is sustainable and has the capacity to always exceed the expectations of our clients, and also of consumers.

This achievement is the result of our comprehensive offer of solutions to multiple industries, which produce food, beverages, wines, liquors, beer, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, and automobiles; we also provide services to those who construct buildings, or who require raw materials, machinery, and equipment for industrial use.

Producto LP Vitro

The good performance of our products is backed by their strict compliance with several international standards, and by the fact that we have obtained internationally prestigious awards in each segment. This is an honest reflection of our leadership and the talent that comprises this organization.

We live under a philosophy of customer service and satisfaction, nourished by a century of experience and, above all, a strong commitment towards transparency.

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