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Vitro laminated windshields are considered high safety glass. Its main objective is to protect the physical integrity of the people that travel inside the vehicle.

We offer a wide variety of solutions adapted to the needs of our clients, who seek high-performance, shatterproof glass.

Our laminated glass provides solar control, blocking heat and UV light transmission and allowing for more comfort inside the vehicle, better air conditioning performance, and protection of car interiors.

Laminated glass is also applied to side windows and sunroofs that protect the cabin from external noise, creating a more quiet experience as a result of acoustic properties.

Our laminated glass offers premium quality in manufacture and excellent performance.

Producto Automotriz Original Laminado Vitro

The optimal safety offered by our laminated products is certified by the strictest international standards, such as those issued by the Automotive Manufacturers Equipment Compliance Agency (AMECA), as well as the European and Asian standards.

Our commitment to quality is clearly perceived through the performance of our laminated glass for automotive applications, which represents the best option for the most renowned brands.

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