Calcium Chloride

High quality and excellent service are our main advantages in the Calcium Chloride market.

Aiming to be the leaders in this market, we have developed a wide range of presentations based on the specific needs of our clients.

Producto Químico Álcali Cloruro De Calcio

This effort has rendered positive results as recognized by the several organizations that have classified us as strategic partners in the paper, food, rubber, cement, concrete, and fertilizer industries. We serve as well the energy, gas, and infrastructure markets, among many other.

We offer an extensive distributions network, which guarantees our reach, and a solid shipment infrastructure.

We are a trustworthy partner!

Our presentations

94% Deicing
  • Super sack
  • Box (100 lb.)
  • Box (50 lb.)
  • Sack (80 lb.)
  • Sack (50 lb.)
  • Sack (40 lb.)
  • Keg 


94% Nutritional
  • Bag (80 lb.)
  • Bag (55 lb.)
  • Bag (25 kg.)
  • Bag (50 lb.)
  • Keg (110 lb.)
  • Keg (100 lb.)


94% Granulated
  • Super sack (950 kg.)
  • Bag (36 kg.)


38% Solution
  • Industrial grade
  • Nutritional grade


  • Liquid 
Prills/ Briners/ Powder
  • Super sack
  • Sack (80 lb.)
  • Sack (50 lb.)
  • Keg

Important information

CC 10% and CC 38%
CC 94%

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