Sodium Bicarbonate

Our responsibility and commitment make us leaders in the Sodium Bicarbonate market.

The brands of Industria del Álcali have Vitro’s unique quality seal and our clients recognize it. Hence, we are strategic partners for the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries, for both human and livestock.

Producto Químico Bicarbonato Def

We have developed specialized distribution networks focused on the needs of each segment, to provide the best available service.
Furthermore, the implementation of our own state-of-the-art technology and a solid shipment infrastructure make us highly competitive.

Get to know us, we offer you the best solution.

Our presentations

USP Granulated
  • Super sack (1 ton.)
  • Sack (50 kg.)
USP Integral
  • Sack (50 kg.)
  • Sack (25 kg.)


USP Grade #1
  • Sack (50 kg.)
  • Sack (50 lb.)
USP Pulverized
  • Super sack(1 ton.)


  • Super sack (1 ton.)
  • Sack (50 lb.)
Feed Grade
  • Super sack (1 ton.)
  • Sack (50 kg.)
  • Sack (50 lb.)


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