Sodium Chloride

The salt we produce is tasty and offers top quality for any food.

Our flavor is the favorite for the consumer. The Álcali brand can be found in the leading products for snacks, crackers, pastas, cold cuts, fruit preserves, and condiments. We are the perfect match for food, providing flavor to the most iconic brands.TODAS
This quality is also available for domestic use under the Sal Hada brand, which can be found in the closest convenience store in Mexico.
Our salt deposit is considered highly pure and its flavor ir recognized by the industry and the final consumer. Furthermore, our extraction process through high vacuum evaporation and drying renders a very attractive product in economic terms.

Taste our salt, you will love it!

 Our presentations

Salt solution (Brine)
  • Tanker truck
  • Cistern truck
Dry salt (iodized)
  • Sack (50 kg.)
  • Bag (1 kg.)
  • Container (800 gr.)
  • Bag (500 gr.)


Dry salt (iodized-fluorized)
  • Bag (1 kg.)
  • Container (800 gr.)
  • Bag (500 gr.)


Dry salt (industrial)
  • Super sack (1 ton.)
  • Sack (50 kg.)


Industrial (damp salt)
  • Sack (36 kg.)


Feed grade
  • Super sack (1 ton.)
  • Sack (50 kg.)
  • Sack (50 lb.)

Important information

Brine emergency sheet
Brine handling instructions
Dry salt emergency sheet
Dry salt handling instructions

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