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We are the main float glass manufacturers in Mexico through our subsidiary Vidrio y Cristal (VyC).

We serve the domestic market as well as the international ones in the construction, industrial, transformation, distribution, and automotive sectors. Our broad variety of products is recognized by the most demanding clients. 

Vidrio Flotado Distribución Vitro Edificio

Located in Nuevo León and Baja California, the VyC ovens have the capacity to produce resistant float glass of an excellent quality and at very competitive prices.

Innovation is fundamental in our business approach. If required by the client, we can add specialty processes in our satin and CR1 production lines. This last one dedicated to the fabrication of low emission, solar control, and reflective glasses.

Our products 


Beauty and selection in basic products.

Design and colors in our interiors line.

 Vidrio Flotado Distribución Vitro Claro Color  Vidrio Flotado Distribución Cristales Decorativos
Low Emission and Solar Control

Quality and protection in our architectural glass. 

Energy savings with sustainable products. 

 Vidrio Flotado Distribución Vitro Cristales Seguridad  Vidrio Flotado Distribución Baja Emisividad Control Solar

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