Machinery & Equipment

The high quality machinery and equipment offered by Fabricación de Máquinas (FAMA) are a fundamental part of Vitro’s success.

As a result of our vertical integration, we have the most complete variety in the metal working industry, which includes: foundry, molds, IS machinery and equipment.

Additionally, we use high-tech tools to increase productivity and reduce costs for our customers.

Producto Maquinaria Equipo Vitro

Examples of our processes include PTA welding for CNC machining centers, computer-aided design & manufacturing, as well as CNC machines for irregular shapes.

At FAMA, we apply high quality standards for machinery and equipment, offering competitive prices, and low operation and maintenance costs.


For more than 70 years, we have maintained our position as the number 1 option in the metal working industry for glass in Mexico and Latin America.

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