The Environment

Backed by solid operational experience, we are an organization that respects the legislation, the natural environment, and the social practices of all the communities where we are present.

The implementation of efficient processes, the dissemination of clear information about our products, and the adherence to the highest environmental standards are fundamental in our daily practices.

Sustentabilidad Medio Ambiente Planta Cosmos Vitro

We maintain an efficiency premise in our environmental focus because glass can be re-processed indefinitely if managed adequately, which allows for the conservation of the Earth’s natural resources.

Additionally, the natural degradation of glass converts it again into sand, without liberating any substances that could damage the environment. Therefore, the direct impact of our products over biodiversity upon the end of their lifecycle is practically inexistent.

Sustentabilidad Medio Ambiente Corporativo Vitro

As the leading glass manufacturer in Mexico and one of the most important in the world, we have a clear opportunity to contribute to sustainable development as a result of the characteristics of such material, which is 100% recyclable and can be fully re-integrated to its own industrial process.

The foregoing means that each time we manufacture any product, we also generate the potential capacity to use it as a resource again, once its life span in the market ends.

Therefore, we maintain a Permanent Recycling Program in Mexico, which is now consolidated as the most important of its kind in Latin America.



Environmental initiatives we support

Sustentabilidad Medio Ambiente Parque Manzano Vitro

Vitro Parque El Manzano

Offers camping areas and cabins open to the public, promoting a permanent program to enhance environmental culture amongst visitors.


Sustentabilidad Medio Ambiente Chipinque Vitro

Parque Ecológico Chipinque

Protected natural area that seeks the conservation of biodiversity, promoting a culture of respect and appreciation for nature and guarantying this priceless heritage for future generations.


Sustentabilidad Medio Ambiente Vida Silvestre OVIS Vitro

Organización Vida Silvestre

Preserves wildlife through scientific research programs that aim for the sustainable management of ecosystems and the promotion of environmental education projects.

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