Glass Recycling

The material we produce provides an excellent opportunity to contribute to sustainability since it is 100% recyclable, and can be completely reintegrated to its own industrial process.

Every glass has the potential capacity to be used as raw material once its life cycle in the market ends.

Sustentabilidad Medio Ambiente Reciclaje Vidrio Plano Vitro

Vitro has promoted its Permanent Glass Recycling Program for several years. This project represents a great logistical effort in both collection and separation of waste, as glass classification and treatment is required to remove impurities and to ensure the resulting product’s quality.

We have created and promoted strategic recycling alliances with educational institutions, hospitals, non-profit organizations, clients, municipalities, and commercial establishments, whose activities are supported by Vitro.

This alliances were recognized as one of the Best Corporate Social Responsibility Practices in 2011 by Centro Mexicano para la Filantropía (Cemefi) for its consolidation as a high impact social and environmental project.

Sustentabilidad Medio Ambiente Reciclaje Envase Vitro

With the growing reuse of glass and its connection to social projects, we prove that our capacity to create added value is found in all stages of the production process.

Challenges on sustainability are ongoing and we work to offer solutions on a permanent basis.

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