Human Attitude

We consider the growth and well-being of our stakeholders as integral parts of our performance.

With the purpose of contributing to the professional, personal, and social development of the communities in which we are present, we build solid labor, commercial, and institutional relations based on human rights.

Sustentabilidad Actitud Humana Envase Vitro

We promote a work environment in which all collaborators are treated with respect and without ethnic, gender, creed, disability or sexual preference distinction. That way we ensure the best life quality standards and we promote a balance between family and work.

Additionally, we integrate and retain the best talent in our personnel, providing an environment of equal opportunities. For us, it is fundamental to promote and sum all possible efforts to contribute to the progress of the individuals and communities linked to our operations.

 Sustentabilidad Actitud Humana Vidrio Plano Vitro

Vitro’s sustainable social investments consolidate our activities, creating positive impacts in the community and reaffirming our position as a responsible and transparent corporate citizen.

We acknowledge that our contribution to society must be comprehensive and, in order to achieve it, we generate and actively participate in initiatives that promote the development of capabilities among our stakeholders. 


Social initiatives we support

Sustentabilidad Actitud Humana Muvi Museo Vidrio Vitro

Museo del Vidrio

Our Museum rescues, preserves, and disseminates the history of glass in Mexico, promoting a culture of glass appreciation and providing incentives to artistic works in this material.


Sustentabilidad Actitud Humana Feac Formacion Educativa Secundaria Vitro

Formación Educativa

Offers excellent educational services for preschool, elementary and junior high levels through 4 schools ranked among the best educational institutions in Nuevo León, Mexico.


Sustentabilidad Actitud Humana Cruz Roja Vitro

Salva Una Vida Dona Un Minuto

Red Cross program that offers cost-free medical services for the community, based on a donor scheme that includes more than 24 thousand collaborators from 228 different organizations.


Sustentabilidad Actitud Humana Red Sumarse Vitro

Red SumaRSE Nuevo León

Network of companies committed to Nuevo León, seeking the sustainable development of society through the union of their efforts and intentions.

 We promote educational, cultural, entertainment and life quality projects in our communities.

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