Responsible Corporate Management

Our perspective is to always maintain an ethical, efficient, and profitable operation, which responds to the needs of our stakeholders on the short, medium and long terms.

We generate value and share its benefits with the community in a transparent manner, just like the glass we manufacture.

We understand that the adherence to the highest corporate governance standards strengthens trust, for which it is our responsibility to maintain all the decisions within a solid institutional frame.

This attitude is of fundamental importance for us and we strive to consolidate it by implementing safeguard and supervision instruments, capable of aligning incentives of all our stakeholders.

In order to guarantee that the actions of each collaborator are based on the interest of the organization and on strict compliance with the laws, we have a Business Conduct and Professional Ethics Code.

This document provides solution guidelines for the situations where a conflict of interest may exist, as well as for personnel loans, use of facilities, materials and information about Vitro, work relations with suppliers, clients, competitors, and internal communications, among other things.

Additionally, we have a Transparency Inbox, an anonymous communications cannel, safe and open for all stakeholders to express themselves in case of detecting a breach to our Ethics Code.

We are commitmented to transparency and responsible conduct in all levels of the organization.

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