Automotive Glass
We are the top choice by the most important car manufacturers in the world.
The hallmark of quality in automotive glass.
At Vitro our engineers work hand in hand with the customers, from the design of the glass, its assembly components to the creation of the packaging for its online assembly.
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We produce automotive glass with cutting-edge technology and innovation.
Vitro offers high-performance laminated, tempered and encapsulated OEM glass that meets the highest quality and strength standards in the industry.
Laminated Glass
Vitro laminated windshields protect the most important thing inside the vehicle: your loved ones.
Man driving a car looking through windshield
At Vitro, we offer a wide variety of shatterproof glass solutions,complying with the highest quality standards, one them is the United States Automotive Equipment Manufacturers Compliance Agency (AMECA) .
Glass that blocks heat transmission and UV rays.
Comfort inside the vehicle as you drive.
Better air conditioning performance.
Laminated glass applications extend to side windows and sunroof glass, providing acoustic properties that isolate the cabin from outside noise, creating a quieter and comfortable environment inside the vehicle.
Side windows
Woman driving looking outside
Tempered glass
Vitro tempered glass is manufactured under two basic premises: safety and performance.
Boy looking through a car window
We manufacture:
Side windows
Rear windows
Glass windows
In order to increase the comfort of the passengers, we offer tinted glass providing privacy and thermal performance in the vehicle.
Encapsulated Glass
A practical assembly and aesthetics are the perfect definition of Vitro's encapsulated glass.
Our products are designed to meet the highest requirements in safety and beauty in regards to the assembly of vehicles, satisfying our range of customers.
We reduce the number of steps in production lines by incorporating several components into a single glass assembly.
Leader in automotive replacement glass distribution and installation.
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We are currently expanding to Europe and Asia.
Branch offices
Located in many States in Mexico
Vitrocar is the largest automotive glass installation chain in Mexico.
At Vitro, we are a world-class leader in replacement glass distribution. Currently, we have more than 5,000 products in our portfolio.
Distribution Centers
Located in Mexico, Colombia,
and the United States.
Enabling us to be present in more than 25 countries and making our shipments have an approximate delivery time of 3 weeks in NAFTA regions.
Distribution center map
We offer a wide variety of windshield and window replacement parts in Mexico, the United States, Canada, Europe, and South America.
Woman driving and looking through windshield
Our experience as a glass manufacturer has made us trustworthy among distributors, insurers, fleets and professional installers.
Girl at a glass factory
Vitrocar: The expert in automotive glass replacement and repair, with more than 150 branches in Mexico.
Vitrocar is the only brand supported by Vitro to supply the CRINAMEX® and VPM® brands, that provide home delivery service in any of the country's cities.
Worker replacing a windshield
Vitrocar has agreements to provide services to national motor vehicle insurance companies
Worker carrying a windshield