Machinery and equipment
Vitro provides machinery and equipment of the highest quality for the manufacturing industry.
FAMA, born in 1943 as Vitro’s subsidiary for in-house machinery manufacturing, has a proven track record of creating forward and innovative industrial technology. With over 75 years of experience to stand on, FAMA now looks ahead as it extends into other industries to offer machine manufacturing, equipment and bespoke solutions. This in order to make the most of our capabilities.
FAMA can be classified into three categories:
Machinery, Automation and Metal Mechanics
FAMA's vast experience in the glass container industry allows us to provide solutions in products and services for IS Machines, Feeders, Glass Container Handling, Variable Equipment, Maintenance and Engineering Services.
Our internally developed engineering technology provides a more efficient, continuous and versatile process that reduces dow-times and product defects, which translates into increased profitability.
We offer control and automation solutions in turnkey projects, precision manufacturing and development of specialized applications for the industry; our main objective is to satisfy the particular needs of our customers, for which we have highly qualified staff, software and design tools that keep us at the vanguard along with high level equipment and infrastructure.
a. Engineering
b. Turnkey Projects
c. Operator Stations
d. Software Development
c. Tooling Manufacturing
Metal Mechanics
We manufacture toolings, machine parts, and automation systems that enhance the processes for various industries by taking advantage of our Iron Casting capabilities, well-equipped infrastructure and quality processes.
We are equipped with automatic, semi-automatic and manual molding production lines, which provide us the flexibility to cast parts in a wide variety of weights and materials. We ensure the quality of our products and processes by supporting them through chemical and metallographic certifications.
We offer design and manufacturing solutions for toolings, structures and parts for various industries. Our infrastructure is equipped with machining centers and grinding machines that enable us to comply with the specifications that each client requires.