Our chemical division - Industria del Álcali- is leader in the industry.
We are known internationally for our quality products, our excellence in customer service and flexibility in emerging markets.
Our strategic alliances and specialized distribution guarantees a first class service as well as an internal shipping infrastructure with competitive prices.
Sodium Carbonate (Soda ash)
We offer high quality to our clients' businesses, in light and dense sodium carbonate grade, including glass production, detergents, soaps, papers, textiles and food, as well as water treatment and minerals.
Glass Flask with sodium carbonate
Sodium bicarbonate (Baking soda)
We strategically supply sodium bicarbonate for the pharmaceutical, chemical and food industries, for people and livestock.
Sodium Bicarbonate Sack
Sodium chloride (salt)
Our salt is used to make snacks, cookies, pasta, preserves, sausages and condiments by some of the most iconic brands in the market.
Salt being produced
The same salt that is used in the industrial sector is the same that consumers use with the Sal Hada brand, which can be found in stores throughout Mexico.
Sal Hada product
Both salts come from our high pure salt deposit. The supply and extraction process - through vacuum evaporation and drying - allows us to produce an affordable product that is preferred by both industry and consumers.
Salt hada product
Calcium chloride
Industria del Álcali is known for being a strategic supplier of high quality calcium chloride for paper, food, rubber, cement, concrete and fertilizer industries, as well as for sectors in energy, gas handling and road infrastructure.
Glass Flask with calcium chloride