Corporate Governance
Adrián Sada Cueva
Ricardo Maiz
President of Vitro
Architectural Glass
Carlos Bernal
President of Vitro
Automotive Glass
Shlomo Frymerman
President of Vitro
Glass Containers
Adrián Sada Cueva
President of Vitro
Diverse Industries
Claudio del Valle
Alfonso Gómez Taméz
CHRO and
Continuous Improvement
Introducing our board of directors who are a fundamental part of the Vitro family.
Mario Laborín Gómez
Member since 2010
Adrián Sada González
Member since 1984
Álvaro Fernández Garza
Member since 2011
David Martínez Guzmán
Member since 2013
Ricardo Guajardo Touché
Member since 2013
Tomás González Sada
Member since 1980
Guillermo Ortiz Martínez
Member since 2010
Ricardo Martín Bringas
Member since 2007
Jaime Rico Garza
Member since 2008
Adrián Sada Cueva
Member since 2010
Jaime Serra Puche
Member since 1998
Joaquín Vargas Guajardo
Member since 2000
Alejandro F. Sánchez Mújica
Secretary of the Board since 2007
Members of the Corporate Practices Committee
At Vitro our actions are based on a code of ethics with the objective to create a better workplace and environment.
If you have seen non-ethical conduct in your workplace, please report it annonymously.