Vitro embodies its commitment and loyalty to all of its stakeholders, in its various initiatives, programs, practices, policies and procedures, formulated and regulated under transparent, responsible corporate management.

People doing volunteer work
Volunteer Work

We work for the sustainable development of the communities where we are present, with volunteer programs, restoration of public spaces, courses and workshops for employees’ families and the general public, and synergies and partnerships with other institutions, non-govern- mental organizations, nonprofits and governments, all working toward a common end: the well-being of the community.

Volunteer work
In 2019, more than 80 activities along with the community were performed.
Vitro Family
The family of our employees are our closest community and therefore, our top priority.
Annually our plants worked on a variety of activities to ensure that families provide a supportive environment for employees’ work life, generating commitment, promoting peace in the workplace and helping attract and retain talent.
Strategic Allies
In keeping with our Sustainability Strategy, we have strategic allies with whom we work together as advisors, as points of reference or partners in the value chain to promote community development.