25 Oct 2023 Vitro
Vitro successfully celebrates its 5th Convention of Excellence

Vitro held the 5th Excellence Convention, an event that focused on promoting the culture of excellence through inspiring examples and valuable contributions from recognized industry experts. In a year in which the company seeks to make a drastic turn in its performance, this convention became a crucial milestone in the company's agenda.

Its main theme was "Excellence by Example." This approach highlights the importance of leading by example and being a positive influence in achieving significant change in company performance. The conference brought together experts and industry leaders to share valuable experiences and strategies that inspire attendees to raise their standards and achieve excellence in all facets of their operations.

The event was based on five fundamental pillars that outlined the path to excellence such as leading by example, being a positive influence, inspiring others, seeking benchmarking and cultivating excellence as part of culture.

During the event, Adrián Sada Cueva, CEO of Vitro, provided a clear vision of market trends and the economic challenges facing the Company. This information helped align the organization toward a defined course.

One of the highlights of the event was the presentation by Billy Ray Taylor, who shared his experience and wisdom in managing production plants. His focus was on the importance of transparency and communication in management. Another crucial aspect Taylor emphasized was implementing a daily management system to evaluate progress and effectiveness in real time. This approach allowed for agile decision-making and data-driven management, rather than unilateral decisions that could impact areas that were already meeting their goals.

Another presentation was given by Alfredo González, from Nokia, where he offered technical information on the next generation of digitalization of production processes. González highlighted the importance of 5G networks and their relevance in the industry, emphasizing that these networks allow precise monitoring and without interruptions of processes, which is essential for companies like Vitro.

The Vitro Excellence Convention has left a lasting impression by providing valuable lessons on leadership, transparency, innovation and adaptation to changing technological and market trends. Participants left the event inspired and better prepared to face the challenges of the future. Vitro continues to advance its pursuit of excellence in the industry and is proud to have provided a platform to share knowledge and experiences on this journey towards business success.